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Nalini Hot Yoga with Thomas

Thomas will come from Denmark and do a special one-off Nalini Hot Yoga class for us at 10:00 Saturday the 20th of May. This class is included in your subscription and if you do not have a subscription it will take one session from your package or additionally you can book it as a drop-in. It is however encouraged to book this class asap on MindBody as it will fill up quickly.

Nalini Hot yoga is a 90 minutes hatha yoga sequence, which combines a few dynamic warming up exercises and static poses that both stretches and strengthens the body. It ends with a short pranayama and meditation before Savasana. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced yogi, it’s guaranteed you’ll be challenged.

About Thomas:
Alongside working with music, Thomas is a registered yoga teacher from Sattva Copenhagen, and has mainly been teaching Yin yoga and the Nalini hatha sequence since 2015. He also has a strong ashtanga and flow practice on a daily base, which he has practiced for many years. With his holistic approach for body and mind his practice focuses on balance, breath, alignment and dynamic strength building flows.

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+47 974 79 933