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Bikram Intermediate Class (Bikram Weekend with Ana)

Saturday 10th June 16:00

The Bikram intermediate class with additional postures added to the original Bikram beginner class, all together 40. This is a build up to the Bikram advanced class with 84 postures.

In addition to our familiar postures we build on the class with intermediate and advanced postures to develop more strength and flexibility. We will get into deep backbends but most importantly explore into our breath in the asanas. We will learn how to create strength for handstand and develop our headstand skills, explore the beauty of how your body can move in ways you may not know, to take your practice further.

The workshop will be conducted by Yoga with Ana Fer who has been invited to Norway for two weeks to deepen our practice and explore new territories. Ana has been doing the intermediate class for 4 years, she has been learning from some of the best yoga teachers and have competed in 2 national yoga competitions. She is open now to share her knowledge with our community, don’t miss this opportunity.

Ana started her practice after an accident looking for physical recovery, and fell in love with herself and the yoga practice that healed her body and mind. She decided to travel to India to learn more about the roots of yoga and meditation, 2 years in a long journey learning yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation, Kriyas; all to soak up all the ancient traditionswith the help of teacher trainings she did along the road. As a result of these trips in Asia, Ana has a really deep understanding of the benefits of yoga and it’s philosophy. Now she wants to share this knowledge with others and teach yoga.

She is originally Mexican, but has been in Europe 5 years now teaching yoga, 4 years ago she moved to Helsinki and in 2016 she won first place for Finland in the Nordic yoga competition. Teaching yoga is her passion, sharing all the benefits of this practice is what moves her. Ana truly believes in healing the human body with the energy of asanas, healthy food and correct stimulation.

She receives her students with her trademark smile, making them comfortable by just listening to her voice. She helps them understand their mind better and heal their bodies with asanas and proper alignment.

Ana is also a passionate for raw food, good music, dance and love to collect quotes.

This workshop will be conducted in our standard 40 degrees infrared heating. Some knowledge of our regular Bikram class is recommended. Bring your own mat and big towel, alternatively you can purchase this at the studio.

The workshop is 450 kroner and can be booked on get.mndbdy.ly/s1ud/d8DVEotuny

For both workshops conducted by Ana this weekend the price will be 1000 kroner.

Please call 97479933 if you have any questions.

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