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Åpen HOT YOGA dag for guttene! Prøv gratis! MEN ONLY

Vi gjentar fjorårets suksess! Denne gang på Hot Yoga sitt flotte nye studio i Sola sentrum (SR-Bankbygget). Mennene begynner å få interesse for denne fantastiske treningsformen, men vi vil gjerne at flere skal få prøve. Nå har dere sjansen gutter og helt gratis:) Meld dere på her, send en inbox melding og møt opp på dagen. Pass på at dere avlyser dersom dere ikke kan komme slik at noen andre kan få muligheten. Kun 24 plasser! Del del del med alle som kan ha interesse av dette! Les følgene informasjon nøye:


• Arrive minimum 15 minutes before the class, if it is your first time 20-30 minutes. You can enter from the back of the SR-Bank building, where there is free parking
• Drink at least 1,5 litre of water the day of practise before the class, and plenty of water after class. We also highly recommend organic coconut water after class. Do not eat before the practise, it is fine to eat a couple of hours before class
• It is advisable to wear as little as possible and something that is easy to move in. It is best for yourself and others not to wear lotions, perfume or make-up
• Bring a yoga mat, a big towel for the mat and water -these are the only things you should bring into the studio. We sell yoga mats and yoga mat towels at the studio, as well as various refreshments and healthy snacks, all organic
• Please do not speak during class, from the moment we step into the studio we practise silence
• Only drink water between the postures after warm-up is done. It is advisable to drink as little water as possible during the class, only little sips
• Make sure you stay in the room for the full 90 minutes. The first few classes may be demanding, however it gets better, and you may take as many breaks as you need. You may meditate before and after class
• We focus on stillness through the 90 minutes; avoid drying off sweat and unnecessary movement. Between postures we remain still with the exception of drinking water if necessary
• Pay attention to the instructor, everyone should move simultaneously –do not rush
• It is important to do the positions correctly rather than pushing yourself into a posture incorrectly. You should not experience any sharp pains; this means something is wrong or you may not be able to do the exercise. Please let the instructor know and you will get assistance
• Breathing is really important, besides the two breathing exercises we practise long deep breaths through the nose
• Smile and enjoy the class!

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