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Yoga with Juice Detox

Spend a detox weekend with Hot Yoga. Yoga classes with Ingrid Aune Selmer and a 3 day juice detox from Essentially. We have chosen the vegetable juices to get a proper cleanse. And they taste delicious! You will also get to try their turmeric and ginger shots as a little extra treat.

We start Friday morning. The juices can be picked up from Hot Yoga after 8:30. The yoga starts 18:30 Friday evening. After doing the juice fast all day, we will start our first one hour yin yoga session and give each other the encouragement we need to continue our fast.

Saturday is the second day of the fast and at 12 o´clock we will do an energetic 90 min yoga session with focus on twisting to help with the detoxification process and to rejuvenate our minds and bodies.

Final day! And maybe the hardest? We need two yoga sessions this day as fasting is so much easier when we do it together! 60 minutes morning yoga at 11:00 and 60 minutes yin yoga at 18:00 to finish off the fast. Now you may go home, relax and have a good nights sleep.

We did it! The next day you are allowed to eat again, but keep it light and vegetarian. Try to keep your healthy new habits to increase the benefits of the detox, see this as a new start to a healthy and beautiful life.

Please read all you need to know on about the juice fast onwww.essentially.no and if you have any questions please call 97479933. The whole weekend including the juices is 2200 kroner and can be purchased/booked through the MindBody app. This is not hot yoga. Please bring your own mat to the workshop. It is also possible to buy a mat at the studio.

From 10th to 12th February.

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+47 974 79 933